- Thwaites Brewery and Office Complex -

Thwaites has a long history of brewing based in Blackburn for over 100 years but with a changing business plan which included more emphasis on craft beers and hotel development they wanted to relocate to a more suitable site.

The new site had to accommodate 15000sqft offices, a small brewery of 7000sqft and stables for the company Shire horses, at around 5000sqft, that are showed at festivals and fetes showcasing the Thwaites history. The site chosen at Sykes Farm just outside Blackburn was a challenging site with level differences and a Listed cottage building but in a beautiful setting adjacent a historic woodland.

In considering the positioning of the individual buildings we considered the setting of the listed cottage and looked at typical farm/agricultural layouts for precedent. Rather than spreading the buildings out across the site we grouped the buildings together in a typical farmstead layout, the listed cottage being the 'farm household' and the other buildings grouped as 'agricultural' type buildings. Similarly the materials, scale and architectural forms of the new buildings resemble simple agricultural building types.

The palette of materials chosen was to reflect the simple architectural character of agricultural buildings but in a modern way. Keeping with stone, blackened timber and metal sheeting, the architectural forms simply expressed with sharp modern detailing reflecting their modern use. Glazed openings are generally large simple openings without fussy fenestration and with frames also in black; all to reflect a utilitarian appearance.

The timescales for delivery were quite tight at 12 months, so the decision was made to engage a contractor on a design and build contract with the design team novated. This was undertaken on a open book arrangement and involvement of the sub contract chain proved invaluable in progressing to site quickly.

  • Sector: .......... Commercial
  • Project Value: ........ £5.5m
  • Date: ............October 2018
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